That’s right, and so do you probably.
So why would you need Puqpress?

Well let us start by saying: we wish you to have a BIG line of customers every day. We are certain your tamp is Exquisite. But how is your time spend best?

We think by having a good time with your customers and by ensuring consistent quality for each coffee you serve. And isn’t that easier when there is no need to control every single variable?

Tamping is important and this jolly fellow is happy to assist you with great precision and speed.

Product Range


The original Puqpress in an updated design. This fourth generation Q1 with its small footprint fits on every bar.


The new Q2 offers the latest in precision technology to provide a consistent tamping experience for every cup of coffee.


Puqpress M1 fits under the K30 Vario Air or Peak grinders.
Recommended for cafes with tight spaces.


Puqpress M2 fits under the Mythos 1 & 2 grinders. 
Currently available in black. 

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Why Puqpress



Gwilym Davies

“Puqpress was initially for me a way to get rid of the nonsense surrounding tamping and save the joints of baristas but after using it I found I am more consistent too!”

2009 WBC Champion

Colin Harmon

“Better extraction, easy workflow and no more sore arms after busy days. We are never going back.”

4 time WBC Finalist

Marcus Allison

“Puqpress tamps with more consistency than our staff which means we don’t have to attempt to match each other and can interchange roles more easily.”

Owner Bunker Coffee

Klaus Thomsen

"It tamps incredibly even with the same pressure all day long. A wonderful tool for us as Baristas."

Owner Coffee Collective

How it Works